Correct spelling for PLEANED

We think the word pleaned is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for pleaned

  • cleaned While looking about for fire-wood we discovered a large hollow tree, and as we had plenty of time, we cleaned it out, so that it would serve as a comfortable abode for the night.
  • learned I think I've learned a great deal."
  • penned He paced his room to and fro, deciding that any further thought of the miserable letter and the rogue who had penned it was foolish, and yet he could not banish it from his mind.
  • plane The pileus is convex, then expanded, plane or convex, and when mature more or less top-shaped because it is so thick at the middle.
  • planer The following, however, are the general rules applicable when considering the power required for the cutting of metal with lathe or planer tools.
  • planet If to this little planet thou couldst turn And voyage, wraithlike, to its cloud-hung rim, Thou wouldst not care for praise.
  • planned Immediate relatives and some more distant ones had her life planned for her; and her parents, the main instigators of the status quo in their family, were rocks.
  • plant This is due to the leaves or twigs of a plant, which many of you probably know by sight, touching your hands or face.
  • planted The first year the best 50 ears were planted in 50 separate rows and at harvest time the best yielding 10 rows were selected for the next year's work.
  • planter This was fully exemplified by George Wythe born in Elizabeth City, Virginia, in 1728. His father was a wealthy planter-his mother a woman of unusual talents, learning and worth.
  • plead How imploringly he could plead!
  • pleased She felt quite safe; she felt happy; she was pleased that those few forget-me-nots looked nice.
  • pleated And whereas men all wore a long scarf tied about the waist of their cloaks and hanging down the front, the women all had a long pleated panel tucked directly into the front waistband of their trousers and reaching almost to the ground.
  • poland Sedan, Battle of, 82. Seelenschatz, 108, 109. Seiss, Joseph A., 132, 464. Selah Song Book, 461. Selnecker, Nicolaus, 58ff, 136, 465. Semler, Johann, 135. Severus, 29. Syriac hymns, 16, 19, 21. Shakespeare, 189. Sheffield Iris, 264. Sigismund, King of Poland, 62. Silesius, Angelus, 99. Skara, Bishopric of, 157. Smedby, O. H., 468. Smith, Samuel Francis, 388ff.
  • Gleaned He had been a tenderfoot then, his only knowledge of woodcraft what little he had gleaned from books.
  • Leaned He was visible sometimes, on his balcony overlooking the steep Via Sant' Lucia raising his eyes with a charming and entirely idiotic diffidence to other balconies where leaned dark-browed damsels, and dreaming the bright and honourable dreams of the well-brought-up young Englishman.
  • Loaned Pearce made an effort to get back those muskets loaned to Gen.
  • Pealed And it was mortal sin anyhow, if the sinner had the faintest idea- A large dinner-bell pealed from the back door; and the priest went in to roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, apple dumplings, and a single glass of port-wine to end up with.
  • Planed 465 represents an application of keys to a square shaft that has not been planed true.
  • Planked He began business at once; and the first thing that drew the attention of second mate Jack Gray, as he planked the quarter-deck thinking of almost everything except Confederate war vessels, was the roar of a thirty-two pounder.
  • Pleaded He pleaded again for those who are weak-minded in Mr. Dick's case in David Copperfield.

131 words made from the letters pleaned

3 letter words made from pleaned:

end, alp, lea, enl, ene, pan, ale, dal, lan, dle, pad, ane, nlp, pal, lad, nap, pea, led, pee, ape, ade, lpn, eel, eld, edp, pdl, lee, nee, epa, pel, adp, lap, pen, nad, den, dna.

4 letter words made from pleaned:

5 letter words made from pleaned:

endel, danel, eland, andel, deepa, eaned, laden, plead, aneel, leepa, peled, eapen, anele, delen, nadel, pandl, pedle, pande, delan, edale, penda, delap, daele, plane, padle, leape, laned, pelea, palen, elend, nedal, denel, pened, epeda, penal, needl, plena, ndlea, pedal, depen, ndele, naped, nepal, panel.

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