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How to spell PLEANED correctly?

If you meant to write "pleaned" but it turned out to be a misspelling, there are a few possible corrections. The correct spelling may be "planned", referring to making arrangements or organizing something in advance. Another alternative is "leaned", which means to incline or rest against something.

List of suggestions on how to spell pleaned correctly

  • cleaned
  • Gleaned I gleaned valuable information from the speaker's presentation.
  • Leaned She leaned towards the window to get a better view.
  • learned I learned how to cook paella from my grandmother.
  • Loaned I loaned my friend $20 and he promised to pay me back next week.
  • Pealed The church bells pealed loud and clear, announcing the arrival of the new year.
  • penned She penned her emotions onto the pages of her diary.
  • plane I will be traveling by plane to my destination.
  • Planed The wood was planed smooth before it was used to build the bookshelf.
  • planer I needed to use a planer to smooth out the rough edges of the wooden board.
  • planet
  • Planked He planked on the diving board before taking the plunge.
  • planned The company has a well-planned strategy for expanding into international markets.
  • planted
  • plead
  • Pleaded
  • pleased I am pleased to hear that you enjoyed your vacation.
  • pleated Her pleated skirt swished elegantly as she walked down the hallway.

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