How to spell PLEDG correctly?

"Pledg" can be corrected to "pledge". Other possible suggestions for misspellings of this word include "pledgge" and "plegde". Always proofread your writing before submitting to catch any errors and improve clarity.

List of suggestions on how to spell pledg correctly

  • BLDG The abbreviation "BLDG" is often used to refer to a building.
  • Paled The bright red color of the sunset slowly paled as night fell.
  • piled
  • plead I plead guilty to the charges brought against me.
  • pleads
  • pleat I tried to dodge the pleat in the fabric of my dress, but it was too late.
  • pledge I pledge to do my best in school.
  • pledged The students pledged to organize a peaceful protest.
  • Plied The fisherman plied his rod in the water, hoping for a catch.
  • plod I'm going to plod on through this assignment.
  • plods The old man plods through the field carrying his heavy bag of tools.
  • plug
  • Poled The boat was poled along the river by the men.
  • Puled

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