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How to spell PLEGUE correctly?

The correct spelling for "plegue" might have been a typographical error for "plague". Suggestions for the correct word could be "plague", meaning a contagious epidemic disease or "plaque", referring to a flat, often round, piece of metal, stone or wood typically used for decoration or commemoration.

List of suggestions on how to spell plegue correctly

  • league My brother is playing in a local basketball league.
  • plague The infamous Black Plague caused a devastating loss of life in Europe during the Middle Ages.
  • plagued The company was plagued with problems after the merger.
  • plagues The ongoing pandemic plagues the world, causing immense suffering and loss.
  • plaque The dentist noticed a buildup of plaque on the patient's teeth during the routine cleaning.
  • please
  • plebe As a plebe, he was required to adhere to strict rules and regulations.
  • pledge I pledge to do my best to help the environment.
  • prague

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