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How to spell PLEXES correctly?

If you've come across the misspelling "plexes", fear not! Here are a few possible correct suggestions: "plexus" (a network of nerves or blood vessels), "plexiglass" (a type of transparent plastic) or "complexes" (a psychological or housing term). Remember, spellcheck can be your perfect ally in avoiding such mishaps in the future!

List of suggestions on how to spell plexes correctly

  • duplexes The duplexes are perfect for a family looking for convenience and space.
  • flexes John flexes his muscles before starting his workout routine.
  • lexis Lexis is the governing authority for all spellings in this country.
  • Lexus My aunt drives a white Lexus that she loves dearly.
  • places
  • pleases It pleases me to see how happy my friends are.
  • plebes The upperclassmen looked down upon the incoming plebes, wondering how they would fare in their first year at the military academy.
  • pledges She made several pledges to support the charity organization.
  • plexus The solar plexus is the nerve center located in the abdomen, responsible for regulating several bodily functions.
  • Plexuses The nervous system contains multiple plexuses throughout the body.
  • pluses One of the pluses of living in the city is having access to a variety of restaurants and entertainment options.
  • poleaxes The medieval knights were equipped with poleaxes that were used for battle.
  • poxes The children have chicken poxes and must stay home from school until they are better.
  • telexes She typed out the telexes and sent them off.

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