What is the correct spelling for PLOICE?

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Correct spelling for PLOICE

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Possible correct spellings for ploice

  • palace "I would rather live in a cottage with you for my lord and master than in a palace with any other.
  • place She did not know now why she had ever come to the place, and she wanted no more of it.
  • placer Agricultural entry may not be made on lands containing valuable minerals, nor coal entry on lands containing gold, silver, or copper; lands included in desert entries or selected under the Carey Act must be desert lands; enlarged-homestead lands must not be susceptible of successful irrigation; placer claims must not be taken for their timber value or their control of watercourses; and lands included in building-stone, petroleum, or salt placers must be more valuable for those minerals than for any other purpose.
  • plaice Nor the ground fish, plaice, sole, flounders, halibut.
  • plosive labialized voiceless alveolar stop  [tʷ] (in Archi, Abkhaz, Lao, Paha, Ubykh) labialized voiced alveolar stop  [dʷ] (in Archi, Abkhaz, Ubykh) labialized voiceless velar stop  [kʷ] (in Abaza, Abkhaz, Adyghe, Kabardian, Taos, Chipewyan, Hadza, Gwich’in, Tlingit, Akan, Nez Perce, Archi, Cantonese, Wari’, Chaha, Dahalo, Hausa, Igbo, Italian, Lao, Latin, Nahuatl, Ossetic, Paha, Portuguese, Thai, Tigrinya, Hiw, Ubykh) labialized voiced velar stop ( [ɡʷ] (in Abaza, Abkhaz, Adyghe, Akan, Archi, Chaha, Dahalo, Hausa, Oowekyala, Ossetic, Hadza, Igbo, Gwich’in, Kabardian, Paha, Portuguese, Tigrinya, Ubykh) labialized voiceless uvular stop ( [qʷ] (in Abaza, Abkhaz, Adyghe, Kabardian, Ossetic, Paha, Tlingit, Nez Perce, Ubykh) labialized pharyngealized voiceless uvular stop [qˤʷ] (in Archi Ubykh) labialized voiced uvular stop ( [ɢʷ] (in Oowekyala, Kwakwala, Tsakhur) labialized glottal stop ( [ʔʷ] (in Adyghe, Kabardian, Lao, Tlingit) labialized voiceless bilabial stop ( [pʷ] (in Chaha, Paha) labialized voiced bilabial stop ( [bʷ] (in Chaha, Paha) labialized prenasalized voiced bilabial plosive [ᵐbʷ] (in Tamambo) Labial–velar labialized voiceless labio–velar stop  [k͡pʷ] (in Dorig, Mwotlap) labialized prenasalized voiced labial–velar stop  [ᵑɡ͡bʷ] (in Volow)
  • poise You've gained a certain poise and ease at the expense of-of-I don't know what, but something that I liked better.
  • police Just give me all the directions and I will find any police station in Rochester.
  • policy While forgetfulness or good intention will not save the insured in such cases, insurance obtained by a third person without the knowledge of the insured on the same property will not endanger his rights under his policy.
  • polite
  • splice
  • Lice The free forms are treated as in the case of plant-lice.
  • Policed The abolitionists pointed out the double standard of contemporary sexual morality due to which womens bodies were policed and controlled but their male customers were not regulated.
  • Polios
  • polices Abstinence is emphasized for individuals who are young and unmarried, who hear messages about AIDS regularly; Be faithful is emphasized with married couples whose religious leader "polices" their sexual behavior; Condom use is a contested area with religious leaders due to the fact that religious openly denounce condom use, however some leaders have privately consulted individuals on condom use, resulting in many members doing so.
  • plies An universal silence reigns In rugged bark or peel, Except that very trunk which rings Beneath the biting steel- Meanwhile the Woodman plies his axe With unrelenting zeal!

73 words made from the letters ploice

3 letter words made from ploice:

ilo, lie, ceo, pie, cli, poe, cpi, pei, cop, pol, poi, lop, leo, oil, cio, pel, pic, lei, ice, epi, lip, ipo, col.

5 letter words made from ploice:

ceoil, cielo, coeli, poile, copil, cipel, loipe, copei, liceo, copel, copie, ploce, eolic, polie, polce, colie, coile, lepic, clipe.

4 letter words made from ploice:

ileo, clop, opec, ipco, cpio, olic, loei, clip, poel, leio, elio, coil, epic, oeil, ilpo, pole, pile, lope, olie, eipo, peil, pleo, piel, cple, plec, cope, cole, opel, peli, plei, clio.

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