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How to spell PLOYING correctly?

The correct spelling for "ploying" may be "employing", "deploying" or "annoying". It is important to double-check spelling in written communication to ensure clarity and understanding. Utilizing grammar and spelling tools can aid in catching errors before sending a message.

List of suggestions on how to spell ploying correctly

  • Alloying Alloying copper with zinc creates brass, a popular material for musical instruments.
  • Allying The countries are allying to create a stronger economic union.
  • cloying The cloying scent of the overly sweet perfume made her nauseous.
  • Deploying We will be deploying new security measures to protect our network from cyber attacks.
  • Flaying The flaying of the animal's skin revealed the intricate details of its musculature.
  • flying
  • laying
  • lying I caught him lying about his whereabouts last night.
  • Palsying The disease was palsying his muscles and making it difficult for him to move.
  • paying
  • piloting Jack has a lot of experience piloting boats.
  • pitying She gave him a pitying look after he told her he had lost his job.
  • Placing
  • Planing I am planing to redo my garden this spring.
  • plating She tried to scrape off the old copper plating but it was so ingrained in the rust that it took a hammer and ch
  • playing
  • plodding
  • Plopping I heard the sound of something plopping into the water, and turned to see a fish jumping out of the lake.
  • Plotting
  • plowing
  • Pluming She was pluming with pride after her victory.
  • Plying The fisherman was plying his trade on the riverbank.
  • Poling The poling of the boat against the waves made it difficult to keep balance.
  • Pooling Steve is always so solicitous of his peers, yet he clearly has a competitive side, as he is constantly pooling resources
  • Praying She was praying for her sick child to get better soon.
  • Preying The snakes were preying on their prey.
  • prying I don't like his prying questions.
  • slaying The dragon was slaying in the cave.

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