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How to spell PLULS correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "pluls", don't fret! The correct spelling for this word should be "plus". Commonly used as a mathematical symbol to indicate addition or as an adjective meaning "positive", "plus" is the accurate term. So, next time you encounter this misspelling, remember to correct it to "plus" for clarity and precision.

List of suggestions on how to spell pluls correctly

  • lulls The sound of waves lulls me to sleep at night.
  • pails We filled the pails with water from the well.
  • palls The heavy smoke from the fire palls over the city, reducing visibility and choking residents.
  • pals I'm so grateful to have such supportive pals.
  • PAWLS John felt a sudden pain in his pawls.
  • peals The thunderous peals of the church bells filled the air during the wedding ceremony.
  • peels
  • pills "I need to take my pills every morning to manage my arthritis pain.
  • Plays He always plays fair and never cheats during games.
  • pleas
  • plies The carpenter plies his craft with precision and expertise.
  • ploys Please use "ploys" instead of "ploy.
  • plucks She plucks a flower from the garden and admires its delicate beauty.
  • plugs I need to buy new plugs for my headphones because the current ones are falling apart.
  • plumes The peacock spread his ornate plumes in the sunlight, displaying his beauty to all.
  • Plums She picked a few plums from the tree and put them in her basket.
  • plus I would like the large fries, plus an extra sauce.
  • pluses One of the pluses of living in a big city is the easy access to cultural events.
  • polls The polls indicated that the majority of voters supported the new tax plan.
  • POLS
  • pools During the summer, many people enjoy taking a dip in swimming pools to cool off.
  • pules
  • pulls She pulls the rope tightly to secure the bundle of sticks.
  • pulps The pulps on the orange were moist and easy to remove.
  • pulse I can feel my pulse racing as I run up the stairs.
  • purls My sister-in-law made these amazing honey-glazed gravlax salmon purls.

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