Correct spelling for PNONE

We think the word pnone is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for pnone

  • bone The batteries were the bone between them.
  • cone When a man is killed by a tiger the Baiga priest goes to the spot and there makes a small cone out of the blood-stained earth.
  • done What is to be done with 'em?
  • donne Colonel Mapleson was in great feather, having three prime donne at his disposal at once, for Christine Nilsson had soon joined us, that curious mixture of "Scandinavian calm and Parisian elegance" as I have heard her described.
  • gone That fool Barebone has gone back for them.
  • hone Sid Hone came up, haggard from pain and loss of blood, resting his mangled hand in the sling of his cartridge-belt.
  • inane I liked everything about him but his indulgence for soda blondes; yet in the serious conversation we at once opened-connected with a projected trip of mine to the City of Mexico-we forgot the girl until, exasperated by our neglect, she lost some of her manner in an inane exclamation made, she announced, for the sake of Christ.
  • known I might have been killed to-day and never have known."
  • lone He held open the door of the room where the lone light was burning.
  • nan "Nothing could be further from the truth," exclaimed Nan hopelessly.
  • neon He personally, and the army as a whole, might with safety proceed to Seuthes, they seemed to say. Accordingly, he took with him Polycrates, the Athenian captain, and from each of the generals, not including Neon, some one man whom they could in each case trust, and in the night they set off to visit the army of Seuthes, sixty furlongs distant.
  • nina At this point the miserable crew in the ship's boat came back, the loyal people on the Nina having refused to receive them and sent them back to the assistance of the Admiral.
  • nine And it was only nine o'clock.
  • node Alfred had assured Node that there were no witnesses.
  • nome Then, if it's so hard to get at, what drew the crowds at the time of the Yukon and Nome 'strikes?
  • nona Turning to speak to Mildred Thornton who stood beside her, Nona Davis found to her surprise that her cheeks were wet with tears.
  • nonce What was there in these surroundings, in the orderly decorum of the well-regulated mansion, in the chiming of the stable clock, nay, in the reflection of his own person shown by that full-length glass, to take the starch, as it were, out of Tom's self-confidence, turning his moral courage limp and helpless for the nonce, bringing insensibly to his mind the familiar refrain of "Not for Joseph"?
  • none None of us really know where we've been or what we've been doing."
  • noon About noon Herbert reached the city.
  • nose The face was long, the nose also; the mouth was large, the upper lip being the thicker.
  • note In his hand he held an open note-book.
  • noun The several subjects are individualized more strongly by the use of in before each noun.
  • nun "I suppose his father or his brother must have told him," the nun answered.
  • one Niver the one of ye!
  • pane She twisted her handkerchief round her gloved hand, and dashed it through a pane.
  • peon At last, when the sun was low and the shadows were long and cool, she saw a cluster of small white patches shining amid a belt of green ahead, and supposed this was the aldea the peon had meant.
  • phone Phone calls back and forth and finally it was all organised.
  • pine The pine logs are a foot or more in diameter, and have a waterway dug in them about 10 or 12 inches deep and wide.
  • pinon The hour for their arrival in Pinon City was fortunate.
  • pone Pone merum et talos; pereat qui crastina curat, Mors aurem vellens, vivite ait, venio.
  • pony Now get me my pony."
  • prone They were only the best of friends, whatever plans the fathers might have cherished for the union of their estates and children, putting the property consideration first, as the Gordons were always prone to do.
  • tone Jeanne pressed her hands to her eyes, and answered "No" in a smothered tone.
  • tonne Carbon prices are normally quoted in Euros per tonne of carbon dioxide or its equivalent (CO2e).
  • zone Sometimes a little brown and sometimes a little lilac is intermingled in the zone.
  • Non Non-violence has to be more firmly established.
  • Nope " Nope," shouted Buck as they galloped off.
  • Noe That the earth is noe bigger then a point or pinns head in comparison of the highest heauens will easily appeare vnto vs, by these reasons.
  • Anne Anne herself, sitting beside Morgan Wallifarro as they drove home, was rather breathless in her silence.
  • ANON Anon, he ordered all the trees in that part of the forest to be cut down, leaving no shelter or ambush; and with their trunks and branches made a mighty barricade, which shut them in and hindered their escape.

15 words made from the letters pnone

3 letter words made from pnone:

neo, poe, nne, one, pen, eon.

4 letter words made from pnone:

noen, neon, pone, peon, open, onne, penn, onen, none.

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