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We think the word pnt is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for pnt

  • ant Even London and Paris were solitary in comparison to the throng in an ant-hill.
  • nt 3. Assimilation of mp, nk, nt, respectively, to pp, kk, tt in W. S., retention of them in E. S., e. g.,
  • pant They were presently exhausted by their efforts, and sat down to pant upon the grass.
  • pat "'Twill jist do for the loikes of us, Pat, for it's a low rint we're after, an' a place quiet loike an' free from obsarvers.
  • pct Congo, Republic of the bicameral Parliament consists of the Senate (72 seats; members are elected by indirect vote to serve five-year terms) and the National Assembly (137 seats; members are elected by popular vote to serve five-year terms) elections: Senate - last held 5 August 2008 (next to be held in 2013); National Assembly - last held 24 June and 5 August 2007 (next to be held in 2012) election results: Senate - percent of vote by party - NA; seats by party - RMP 33, FDU 23, UPADS 2, independents 7, other 7; National Assembly - percent of vote by party - NA; seats by party - PCT 46, MCDDI 11, UPADS 11, MAR 5, MSD 5, independents 37, other 22
  • pent As to my companion, he had been growing bitter and sickly with the pent-up humours of discouragement; all he needed was a listener.
  • pet I pretended to be going from her in a pet; but, when I had got to the door, I turned back; and, as if I had recollected myself-One word more, my dearest creature!
  • pint On the Monday the 5th, as has been said, I mixed the powder in his gruel, and at night it was in a half-pint mug, set ready for him to carry to bed with him.
  • pit "A'm watchin', an' peety ye if ye pit aff time.
  • pst " Pst!" whispered the driver, and Lupe uttered another growl, and then had to suffer the indignity of being muzzled with Marcus' hand, till the fresh tramping sound had approached them and then passed away.
  • pt Tribes of the United States, 1853, Pt.
  • punt When Peters, at centre, passed the ball at least two feet above the upstretched hands of Harris, who wanted to punt, and at least nine youths raced back up the field in pursuit of it, shoving, tripping, falling, rolling, and when it was Peters himself who finally dropped his one hundred and seventy-odd pounds on it, the onlookers rocked in their seats and applauded wildly.
  • put I'm going to put it up to Bellamy.
  • tnt First there would be a conventional explosion involving the TNT and then, a fraction of a second later, the nuclear explosion, if a chain reaction was maintained.
  • INT where C is a constant, and [Gamma](x) is a function expressible when x is real and positive by the integral [int] (0 to [oo]) e^(-t) t^(x - 1)dt.
  • PKT =-Of above sorts and colors separate or all of them mixed, at 20c. per pkt.; 3 pkts.
  • PVT MINNESOTA Pvt. Gordon Clark, Duluth Major Paul B. Cook, St. Paul Pvt. Wm. D. Mitchell, St. Paul Pvt. W. Bissell Thomas, Minneapolis
  • PDT Political parties and leaders: National Reconstruction Party (PRN), Daniel Tourinho, president; Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB), Ulysses Guimaraes, president; Liberal Front Party (PFL), Hugo Napoleao, president; Workers' Party (PT), Luis Ignacio (Lula) da Silva, president; Brazilian Labor Party (PTB), Luiz Gonzaga de Paiva Muniz, president; Democratic Labor Party (PDT), Doutel de Andrade, president; Democratic Social Party (PDS), Jarbas Passarinho, president; Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB), Mario Covas, president; Brazilian Communist Party (PCB), Salomao Malina, secretary general; Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB), Joao Amazonas, president
  • ONT Il n'en a que trop coute a la France pour les conserver; et l'experience a fait voir la necessite indispensable d'y entretenir toujours des troupes, et d'y envoyer incessamment des vaisseaux, et combien toutes ces peines ont ete inutiles.
  • pot Then make good store of Oyster shells and Cockle shells of Sugar Plate, let some be pure white as though the Sea water had washed them, some brown on the outside, and some green, some as it were dirty, and others worn away in some Places, some of them broke, and some whole, so set them here and there about the Rock, some edgling, and some flat, some the hollow side upward, and some the other, then stick the Moss, some upon the shells, and some upon the stones, and also little branches of Candied Fruits, as Barberries, Plums, and the like, then when all is done, sprinkle it over with Rosewater, with a Grain or two of Musk or Ambergreece in it; your Glass must be made with a reasonable proportion of bigness to hold the Wine, and from that, in the middle of it, there must be a Conveyance to fall into a Glass below it, which must have Spouts for the Wine to play upward or downward, then from thence in another Glass below, with Spouts also, and from thence it hath a Conveyance into a Glass below that, somewhat in form like a Sillibub Pot, where the Wine may be drunk out at the Spout; you may put some Eringo Roots, and being coloured, they will shew very well among the other Sweet-Meats, tie your Basket about with several sorts of small Ribbons: Do not take this for a simple Fancy, for I assure you, it is the very same that I taught to a young Gentlewoman to give for a Present to a Person of Quality.

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