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How to spell POCKES correctly?

The correct word for "pockes" is "pockets". Possible suggestions for misspellings are "pockts", "pocketts" or "pockeits". It's always important to proofread and check spelling to ensure clear and effective communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell pockes correctly

  • Cokes I have been trying to cut down on my consumption of Cokes.
  • Locke's John Locke's ideas are still influential today.
  • packers I have to pack my boxes today, I wish I had a packers helper.
  • packets I need to grab some packets of sugar from the pantry.
  • packs I always make sure to carry extra packs of gum with me wherever I go.
  • peckers
  • pecks The woodpecker pecks at the tree trunk to find insects.
  • pickers The strawberry farm hired more pickers to harvest the ripe fruit before it spoiled.
  • pickles Bob ate pickles for dinner.
  • picks She always picks the ripest fruit from the market.
  • pikes The pikes were lined up in a row.
  • pock He had a pock marked face due to suffering from teenage acne.
  • pocked The surface of the old wood table was pocked with countless small holes and scratches.
  • pocket
  • pockets I always forget to check my pockets before washing my clothes.
  • pocks The smallpox vaccine helped eradicate the disease and its nasty pocks.
  • poke I like to poke at my food to see if it's done cooking.
  • poker She played poker with friends after work.
  • pokers He always carried a set of pokers around with him, in case he came across a good fire pit.
  • pokes She pokes me every time she wants something.
  • pokey I can't believe you stuck a fork in my Pokey!
  • porkers The best way to cook porkers is in a slow cooker.
  • porkies I brought some porkies for our luncheon.
  • poxes Smallpox and chickenpox are two examples of contagious viral poxes.
  • puckers
  • pucks I have a bunch of hockey pucks that I use for informal games with my friends.
  • spokes The spokes on the wheel are what give it its spinning power.

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