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How to spell POEMES correctly?

If you've mistyped "poemes", fear not! Here are three possible correct suggestions: "poems", "promptness" or "polymers". While the intended word might depend on the context, these alternatives can help convey the desired meaning accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell poemes correctly

  • Comes
  • DOMES The domes of the city are a gorgeous sight to behold.
  • homes Many people are now working from their homes due to the global pandemic.
  • memes Everybody knows that memes are the best way to pass the time on the internet.
  • PEES My dog always pees on the same tree in the park.
  • plumes The peacock fanned out its plumes to impress the female.
  • poem
  • POEMS The new poetry book features several beautiful poems on the theme of love.
  • poetess The poetess wrote beautiful verses about love and nature.
  • poets The poets are a famous group of people.
  • pokes She took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she pokes the needle into her arm.
  • poles He climbed to the top of the mountain where two poles stood erect in the snow.
  • POMS I used my POMS to cheer on the team during the halftime show.
  • pones
  • popes The popes of the past have had significant influence in shaping the Catholic Church's doctrines and practices.
  • pores The pores in the skin are openings that allow air, water, and other materials to enter and leave the body.
  • poses The high elevation and steep terrain of the mountain poses a challenge to even the most experienced hikers.
  • primes Mathematicians study the behavior and distribution of primes in number theory.
  • tomes The library was stacked with countless tomes on history, mythology, and philosophy.

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