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How to spell POENDING correctly?

If you mistakenly type "poending" instead of "pending", there are several correct suggestions to consider. The intended word might be "pounding", implying a strong and forceful action. Alternatively, it could be "pensioning", referring to the process of granting a retirement income. Double-checking your spelling can help avoid any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell poending correctly

  • Appending I will be appending a new section to the report.
  • bending He had to keep bending down to tie his shoe.
  • bonding Bonding with friends and family is important for maintaining strong relationships.
  • bounding The deer was bounding through the forest, leaping over fallen trees and dodging through the underbrush.
  • ending
  • Fending The young man was fending off the attackers with his martial arts skills.
  • founding The founding of the company was a monumental event for its founders.
  • Hounding She was hounding him for answers to her questions.
  • lending The bank is lending money to individuals who need to buy homes.
  • mending He spent the whole weekend mending his torn clothes.
  • Mounding The gardener was mounding dirt around the base of the new plant to protect it from the wind.
  • pending The pending orders are still counted against our quota.
  • penning
  • pleading The defendant entered a pleading of not guilty.
  • Podding Podding is an amusing sport that my friends and I enjoy.
  • pointing I was pointing at the picture when he suddenly took it off the wall.
  • Portending The dark clouds were portending a thunderstorm.
  • Pouncing
  • pounding I can hear the pounding of his boots on the pavement.
  • rending The sound of rending metal filled the air as the car crashed into the building.
  • rounding I've been practicing my rounding skills for my math class.
  • sending I will be sending my sister a care package filled with her favorite snacks.
  • sounding The sounding of the alarm woke me up from deep sleep.
  • spending I hope to save money by spending less on my shopping spree.
  • tending The garden needs tending once a week.
  • upending The sudden rise of the new technology is upending the traditional business model.
  • vending I need some candy to sell at the vending machine.
  • Wending As she walked through the forest, she found herself wending her way through the twisting paths.
  • wounding The wounding words he said to her left a lasting impact on her emotional well-being.

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