How to spell POHNE correctly?

We think the word pohne is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell pohne correctly

  • bone If your mother was one of them, must you not also be of them; for are you not of your mother's bone and blood?
  • cone Mrs Garnett opened the ball with a coincidence taken from her own life, the cone burning bright and blue the while.
  • done Sir, Sir, I have done.
  • gone He has gone away."
  • hone
  • John John is the name of a popular singer.
  • lone
  • none
  • one I will only be eating one slice of pizza.
  • opine
  • pain It really hurts when I hit my thumb with the hammer.
  • paine
  • pan
  • pane I broke the window, but I'll fix it later - I just need some pane to stop the wind.
  • pawn He bought a pawn in the game of chess.
  • pawnee
  • peen I like to squeeze and stroke my peen.
  • pen
  • penn
  • peon He was a poor peon who did menial tasks for the rich.
  • peony She gave me a peony as a token of her affection.
  • phone
  • phony I faked my own death to escape my phony life.
  • pin Please pin my ticket to my shirt.
  • pine
  • ping I was trying to ping my friend's address, but I got an error message.
  • plane
  • poe The Raven croaks in the night.
  • point
  • poke I accidentally poked my eye with a Stick.
  • pole
  • ponce The star of the baseball team is named Ponce.
  • pond There's a pond behind the house.
  • pone I ate one of those pone sandwiches.
  • pong One hour of pong makes you more intelligent than two hours of reading.
  • pony
  • pope
  • pore I have a really bad nose, it's always picking up dust and dirt from the Pore.
  • pose
  • pounce
  • pound I always feel heavier after I've eaten a pound of chocolates.
  • prone
  • prune
  • pun The pun was actually kind of funny.
  • puny I am not the slightest bit interested in your puny talk.
  • rhone
  • tone
  • zone
  • Piney My backpack is stuffed with piney wood.
  • Shone I shone my shoes on the sidewalk to clean them.
  • Payne Ira Payne is a botanist who studies the native plants of the American Southwest.
  • Johnie
  • Penney
  • PENA
  • pones I put the plates on the table.

List of 23 words made from the word pohne

4 letter words made from pohne:

heon, open, phon, peon, penh, hone, pone, neoh, ohne, enoh, hope, pehn.

3 letter words made from pohne:

hen, eon, poe, pen, neo, hop, one, hoe, hep.

5 letter words made from pohne:

phone, hopen.

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