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How to spell POIWER correctly?

When encountering a misspelled word like "poiwer", there are a few possible correct suggestions. "Power" is the most obvious and likely intended word. Other possibilities include "poise", "pointer" or "poker". It's important to consider the context and intended meaning to determine the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell poiwer correctly

  • bower The couple loved to relax in the bower of their backyard as the sun set.
  • cower The dog would cower under the table whenever there was a thunderstorm.
  • dower The dower was a source of financial security for the widow.
  • lower I need to lower the volume of the television.
  • mower My dad borrowed our neighbor's mower to cut the grass in our backyard.
  • pier She looked down at the water from the pier, feeling the cool breeze brush against her skin.
  • piker Icarus wanted to be a badass, but he was a piker compared to Dragon.
  • piper Piper bought a box of pipe cleaners.
  • poise
  • poitier Sidney Poitier was the first black actor to win an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in 1964.
  • poker
  • pokier I wouldn't want to stay in that hotel again; the rooms were even pokier than I remembered.
  • poorer Most people in the poorer neighborhoods are minorities.
  • popper I can't believe he sprayed me with some popper!
  • porker I saw a huge porker enjoying the mud bath on the farm.
  • porter The porter at the hotel helped us with our luggage.
  • poser I don't think that he is really a poser; he seems pretty down to earth to me.
  • pother Aftermath of the party was a scene of loud arguing, broken glass, and pother.
  • potter The potter is always on the lookout for new clay.
  • pouter I heard a rooster pouter all morning.
  • powder
  • power The power of the Internet has forever changed the way we live.
  • powers After using her magic to defeat the ninja powers, she felt stronger and more in control.
  • Prier
  • rower The rower in the boat was exhausted after the long race.
  • sower The sower walked through the fields, scattering seeds along the way.
  • tower The tower is a very imposing structure.

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