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How to spell POKEN correctly?

If you meant to write "spoken", the correct spelling for the past tense of "speak", then that is the word you should use. However, if you intended to spell "poking", the correct spelling of that word is with only one "e". Double-checking your spelling can help ensure that your message is clear and professional.

List of suggestions on how to spell poken correctly

  • ken
  • oaken The oaken table was sturdy and could withstand the weight of many heavy dishes.
  • peen
  • peke The little peke ran around the yard.
  • pen I need to find my pen to sign the contract.
  • pike I went fishing in the lake and caught a large pike.
  • piker He's such a piker when it comes to gambling; he never bets more than a few dollars.
  • pocked Someone's pocked skin was clearly visible.
  • pocket I always put my phone in my pocket before I leave the house.
  • poke
  • Poked I got poked in the eye with a thumbs up.
  • POKEMON I always carry a pocket full of Pokemon with me.
  • poker I'm going to play a little poker later.
  • pokers He used his pokers to move the logs in the fire.
  • pokes She pokes her brother every time he tries to take her toys.
  • pokey The old man walked with a pokey gait due to his arthritis.
  • pokier The restaurant was much pokier than I had anticipated.
  • poking I Keep poking him to see if he is awake.
  • poky The elevator in the old building was really poky and it took forever to get to the top floor.
  • pollen I always sneeze and itch like crazy when the pollen count is high in the air.
  • pone I'm going to pone on my bed for a while.
  • porker I can't believe I ate that entire pizza, I feel like such a porker.
  • puke
  • spoken
  • token
  • woken

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