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How to spell POLIEC correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "poliec" instead of "police", worry not, as autocomplete errors can happen to anyone. To correct this oversight, ensure you change the "e" to an "i" and retype the word "police". Double-checking your spelling avoids any confusion and ensures you convey the intended message accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell poliec correctly

  • colic
  • Plied We plied him with questions until he agreed to talk.
  • plies He carefully measured and cut the wood plies for the new skateboard deck.
  • pokier I'm a Pokier addict.
  • pole I need a ladder to get up that pole.
  • Poled The party was so poled, we all totally lost our minds.
  • poles I need to buy some poles to put up the Christmas tree.
  • police The police officers are investigating the case.
  • policy The company's new policy states that employees must be at work by 9am.
  • Poling The boat pulled steadily against the strong current, Poling upstream.
  • polio Most people who are vaccinated are not affected by polio.
  • Polios The virus caused by Polios can cause paralysis.
  • polish My aunt always uses polish on her nails.
  • polite
  • politer She had never met a politer waiter in her life.
  • politic
  • polity In English, the word "polity" typically refers to the structure and government of a country.
  • Polled The company polled its employees to gather opinions on potential changes to the dress code policy.
  • pollen She picked a bouquet of flowers and took a pollen cloud with her.

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