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How to spell POLLY correctly?

If you've misspelt "polly" and want to correct it, here are some suggestions. Perhaps you meant to type "polly" as "polly" refers to "pollyanna", a character known for being optimistic. Alternatively, you may have intended to write "polly", a common nickname for people named Pauline. Double-check the context to ensure the accurate spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell polly correctly

  • dolly I asked my little sister if she wanted to play with her dolly.
  • folly It would be a folly to invest all your money into a single business without conducting thorough research.
  • golly Golly, this cake looks amazing!
  • holly The holly branches were adorned with red berries, bringing a festive atmosphere to the room.
  • jolly During the holiday season, we feel jolly and festive.
  • lolly I give you a lolly as a thank you.
  • molly Molly is a common party drug that is known to cause euphoria and heightened sensation.
  • Paley William Paley was an English clergyman and philosopher who is known for his contributions to the field of natural theology.
  • pall I dropped my coffee cup and it shattered into pall-like pieces on the floor.
  • pally
  • pill I must take my pill before I go to bed.
  • play
  • ploy Her ploy to get out of doing her chores was to fake a stomach ache.
  • ply I need to ply my fingers with dexterity if I want to finish this project.
  • pol
  • polar The Arctic and Antarctica are the two polar regions of the Earth.
  • pole I put my pole in the ground.
  • polio I got polio when I was a child.
  • poll Today's poll shows that 73% of registered voters want term limits imposed on members of Congress.
  • polls The polls show that most people believe that the vaccine is safe.
  • Polly Polly stole the cookies.
  • polo The polo match was exciting to watch.
  • pool I love going swimming in the pool on a hot summer day.
  • POOLE I visited the historic quay in Poole and enjoyed learning about the town's maritime history.
  • poorly I felt poorly after eating that junk food.
  • pull One can pull a weed out of the ground.
  • pulley The system used a pulley to lift the heavy crate to the top of the building.

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