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How to spell POLUTER correctly?

If the correct term was meant to be "polluter", there are a few possible suggestions for correcting the misspelling. One would be to use spell check or a dictionary to confirm the proper spelling. Another option would be to ask someone knowledgeable about the correct spelling of the word.

List of suggestions on how to spell poluter correctly

  • polite It is always important to be polite to others.
  • politer He is politer than his sibling.
  • pollster The pollster called to ask for my opinion on the upcoming election.
  • pollute Factories that do not properly dispose of their waste can pollute the surrounding environment.
  • polluted The river was polluted with plastic waste and chemicals.
  • polluter The company is a major polluter of the river with its industrial waste.
  • polluters The government is taking strict actions against polluters to reduce environmental damage.
  • pollutes The factory pollutes the nearby river with toxic chemicals.
  • porter
  • potter The potter's wheel is the oldest and most common method of producing ceramics.
  • pouter The pouter stuck its beak into the birdfeeder and started pecking.

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