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How to spell POLYED correctly?

If you came across the misspelled word "polyed", you might be searching for the correct term "polyhedron". A polyhedron refers to a three-dimensional shape with flat faces and straight edges. It could be a helpful suggestion if you were looking for information or discussing geometric concepts.

List of suggestions on how to spell polyed correctly

  • Paled
  • Palled After spending several months together, the excitement between the couple palled and they decided to end their relationship.
  • payed
  • piled
  • Pilled I pilled my sweater and now it looks old and ragged.
  • played After dinner, we played a game of cards.
  • Plied The salesman plied her with drink until she was drunk.
  • Poled The athlete poled his way through the finish line.
  • Policed They were policed by the military.
  • polkaed She polkaed around the dance floor in her yellow dress.
  • Polled The pollster polled 500 voters to gauge their opinion on the upcoming election.
  • Pooled All of the data was pooled together before being analyzed.
  • Puled The deer ran through the puled grass.
  • pulled I pulled the door handle to see if it was locked.

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