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How to spell POMPUS correctly?

If you find yourself struggling with the spelling of "pompus", worry not, as there are correct suggestions to help you out. The correct spelling is "pompous", meaning someone who is excessively showy or self-important. Remember to double-check and use spell-check tools to ensure accurate and polished writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell pompus correctly

  • COMPS I have my computer and my printer on my desktop, but I also have my computer and my printer on my comps.
  • pampas The pampas of Argentina offer extensive grasslands for cattle grazing.
  • pimps I can't believe she married a guy who works for a pimps.
  • pomp
  • pompey Pompey was a Roman general and politician who played a crucial role in the decline of the Roman Republic.
  • pompoms She put on a show for her friends with her pompoms.
  • pompous He spoke in a pompous tone, acting as though he knew everything.
  • POMS I have a thick binder filled with POMS (Policies, Objectives, Mission and Strategies) for the company.
  • popes The Vatican is home to many paintings and sculptures of various popes.
  • poppas Retired police officer Chester Poppas usually spends his weekends golfing with his friends.
  • POPS
  • pumps I need to buy new pumps for my bike so that I can ride uphill more easily.
  • ROMPS The children had a great time with their dogs as they played together in the backyard, chasing each other and having romps.

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