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How to spell PONT correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "pont" could include "point", "ponte" or "pond". These options all differ in meaning and pronunciation, so it's important to understand the context in which the misspelling was made in order to choose the correct replacement word.

List of suggestions on how to spell pont correctly

  • CONT
  • don't Please don't park in the handicapped zone.
  • font The font used in the document was difficult to read.
  • Mont I visited Mont Blanc.
  • ONT I have a problem with ONT.
  • pant She was so excited after running the marathon that she could hardly pant.
  • pent I just got a new pent Pentel P205 from the office.
  • pint
  • poet
  • point
  • pond Pond is a body of water that is larger than a lake but smaller than a river.
  • pone I don't see how the pone (a type of cornbread) turned out so dry this time.
  • pong This game is called "pong.
  • pony
  • port Do you want me to open the port for you?
  • post I ate my post.
  • pot I will use the pot to cook soup for dinner.
  • pout I was so pout when I didn't get the toy I wanted for Christmas.
  • punt I was so excited to punt on the field, but I failed miserably.
  • Won't
  • wont

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