Correct spelling for POO

We think the word poo is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for poo

  • boo They suddenly jumped out of their doorway and cried " Boo!"
  • coo Leaving these turtles to bill and coo over a cup of tea, and to the enjoyment of a lover's walk along the lovely banks of the Severn, we will proceed to enlighten the reader as to who and what they are, and to discuss sundry other equally important topics.
  • goo It oozed blackened goo.
  • loo "But, my dear Loo!
  • moo Mo, or Moo, Four.
  • pod But see those small compartments in the thick shells of the pod-with the membranes separating them?
  • poe To be frank, the complacent aberrations of French taste, with its passion for Poe and its pathetic confidence in Kipling and Chesterton, have become a standing joke abroad.
  • poi Besides whole pig, they had other pork, veal, poi, bread, cake, and cocoa-nut water.
  • pol Nicholas d'Eu and the Baron of Quercy were to accompany them; King Philip thought Saint- Pol the very man to make a third, but this did not suit the Count at all.
  • polo And Miss Bloxam, turning half-round in her seat, devoted her attention to the polo-players with laudable persistency.
  • pom A pom-pom, together with its team of mules and harness, and most of the carts and saddles, were captured by the enemy.
  • poof Poof! He stamped first one leg on the black iron dust and ashes, and then the other, going round his anvil and grumbling and rumbling internally in the most extraordinary manner.
  • pool It was fortunate that the pool of water mentioned yesterday had been found, as the cattle would have had to turn back to the river, but this they were saved from.
  • poor Oh, the poor little wretches!"
  • pop And yet in the end Pop was able to muster a fairly good imitation of a frown.
  • pow It was going to be an interesting little pow-wow with that young man.
  • pox He told us all how he had become so sanctified by the Lord, that small-pox could not touch him, though he went into the midst of it and nursed people down with the deadly disease, right straight through.
  • pro The directors are now meeting in Room 19. I have authority to name a private secretary pro tem.
  • too They promptly begged to go, too.
  • woo Perhaps she was still nearer to his heart than Irene, and if gratitude drew him to her with fresh force then-aye then-he might perhaps woo her, and forget his pride and her lowly position, and ask her to be his wife.
  • zoo Here the pleasure that he took in watching the movements of the animals was so great that it seemed impossible but that he was visiting the Zoo for the first time.
  • PTO The 502d was deployed to Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO) in late 1944, being assigned to the XXI Bomber Command 315th Bombardment Wing in the Northern Mariana Islands; being stationed at Northwest Field, Guam.
  • PLO Continual violence near the Lebanese border occurred between Israel and the PLO starting from 1968; this peaked, following the relocation of PLO bases to Lebanon after the civil war in Jordan.
  • Pooh The attitude of " Pooh!
  • FOO Foo Cha was ready to begin another torrent of expostulations, but in the gas-light he met the new-comer's steadfast gaze, and he was silent.
  • POO Cairns obeyed, then picked up Poo and sat down on the couch.
  • POGO Pogo also branched out from the comic pages into consumer products — including TV sponsor tie-ins to the Birthday Special — although not nearly to the degree of other contemporary comic strips, such as Peanuts.
  • POOS Arctic Circle (organization), an international non-profit organization related to Arctic issues based in Reykjavík, Iceland Arctic Circle Trail, a trekking tour in West Greenland The Arctic Circle, the first track off of the 2006 album He Poos Clouds by Owen Pallett Arctic Circle (TV series), a Finnish-German television series In the astronomy of the ancient Greeks, the "Arctic Circle" was an observer-dependent circle on the celestial sphere, centred on the northern celestial pole and tangential to the horizon, within which all the northern circumpolar stars lie.
  • pot These are soaked over night and then placed in the iron pot; the best sort is the English kettle with three iron legs and rounding bottom.

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