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How to spell POOED correctly?

If you accidentally misspelled "pooed", there are a few alternative suggestions that could be more appropriate. One option could be "pooped", which is the correct past tense of the verb "to poop". Another possibility could be "pooled", which refers to a gathering or collection of something.

List of suggestions on how to spell pooed correctly

  • booed The audience booed when the comedian made an offensive joke.
  • Cooed The mother bird cooed softly to her chicks as they snuggled close to her.
  • Cooped I am feeling cooped up in this tiny apartment all day.
  • Hooped I hooped the ball through the basketball net to score a point.
  • looped The ribbon was looped around the gift box multiple times.
  • Mooed I Mooed this morning.
  • OPED
  • pied The pied piper led the rats out of the town with his magical tune.
  • plod I plod along to work every morning.
  • pocked She had a few pocked marks on her skin.
  • pod Inside the pod was a sleeping alien.
  • Podded The plant has podded and is now ready to be harvested.
  • poe Edgar Allan Poe is a famous American writer known for his gothic poems and short stories.
  • poet The poet recited his latest work for the audience.
  • poised She stood poised at the edge of the cliff, ready to jump.
  • Poked The phone was poked by Stacy.
  • Poled The fishermen poled their boats down the river.
  • Polled The survey results showed that 60% of the participants polled preferred the new product over the old one.
  • pond I'm going to go fishing in the pond.
  • POO That's one ugly Pug; she poo'd all over the place.
  • Pooh Christopher Robin's best friend was a lovable bear named Pooh.
  • POOLE I walked out of Poole thinking about my future.
  • Pooled The pooled funds will be used to purchase new office chairs.
  • Pooped I am feeling pooped after the long hike in the mountains.
  • poor The poor man was unable to afford even the basic necessities of life.
  • Popped
  • Pored He pored over the document for hours, searching for any errors.
  • Ported The game was originally developed for PC but was later ported to mobile devices.
  • posed She posed for the modeling job, unaware that the photograph would end up online.
  • potted My mom brought a potted plant to brighten up my room.
  • Poured
  • Pouted
  • prod He tried to prod her into telling him what was going on.
  • Wooed He wooed her with his beautiful music.

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