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How to spell POOVES correctly?

If you meant "hooves", then that is the correct spelling for the plural of a horse's foot. If you were trying to spell "moves", then that is a word meaning to change position or location. It's important to double-check spelling to ensure effective communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell pooves correctly

  • coves Exploring the hidden coves along the coastline was the highlight of our vacation.
  • doves The doves nested peacefully on the rooftop, cooing in harmony.
  • Hoovers My mom always hoovers the living room carpet before guests arrive.
  • Hooves
  • Loves
  • moves She carefully observed his moves during the chess game.
  • PAVES The city paves the roads every year to ensure smooth transportation.
  • peeves I always have to deal with her stupid little peeves.
  • plovers I spotted a pair of golden plovers on the beach this morning.
  • pokes He pokes me in the arm to get my attention.
  • poles The two tents were pitched at the opposite poles of the campsite.
  • pones
  • poofs
  • poohs I don't know what "poohs" means.
  • pools We went swimming in several different pools at the resort.
  • POOS The poos were so loud I thought the dog was coming back.
  • popes The popes have shaped and influenced the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church for centuries.
  • pores I have large pores on my skin that allow dirt and oil to seep through.
  • poses The new policy poses a serious threat to our company's profitability.
  • proves The evidence collected so far proves that he is innocent.
  • roves The band roves from city to city, performing their music for different audiences.

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