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How to spell POPS correctly?

If you've mistakenly misspelled "pops", worry not! Here are two possible correct suggestions: "popes" and "poops". "Popes" refers to the heads of the Roman Catholic Church, while "poops" is a playful term for excrement. Double-check the context and choose the appropriate correction accordingly.

List of suggestions on how to spell pops correctly

  • BOPS The BOPS (Big Old Prick Syndrome) club is a group of guys who like to talk about big old pricks
  • Cops
  • fops The fops in the ballroom had more elaborate costumes than any of the other guests.
  • hops The aroma of hops filled the brewery as they brewed their latest batch of beer.
  • lops
  • mops
  • OOPS Oops, I accidentally spilled my drink.
  • ops The ops team is responsible for maintaining the company's infrastructure.
  • PAPS
  • PEPS I saw a can of PEPS soda in the vending machine.
  • PIPS I counted the pips on the apple before taking a bite.
  • PODS The pods were full of delicious treats.
  • POLS He decided to run for office and learn more about the POLS.
  • POMS The teacher gave out prizes for the best Poms in the class.
  • POOS
  • pop Pop music is my favorite type of music.
  • pope Pope Francis said that social media is "one of the death of the soul.
  • popes The popes of the Catholic Church are considered by many to be the highest authority on matters of faith and morals.
  • POPS Mom always puts the pops in the fridge.
  • Poss
  • pots I need to buy more pots to plant my flowers in.
  • PPS PPS stands for "postscript," which is often used at the end of a letter or document to add a final comment or thought.
  • props I gotta give props to my team for working together on this project.
  • PUPS I love playing with the adorable pups at the animal shelter.
  • sops The government provided sops to the farmers to encourage them to switch to organic farming.
  • tops The quality of their products is tops.

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