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How to spell PORVE correctly?

If you encounter the misspelling "porve", it's likely that someone was trying to type "prove". Some correct suggestions for this error include using spellcheck, re-reading the sentence for context clues, and looking up the correct spelling of the word.

List of suggestions on how to spell porve correctly

  • cove The cove was a serene spot for the couple to have a romantic picnic.
  • dove I watched as the dove soared gracefully through the sky.
  • Hove The yacht hove into view as we rounded the bend in the river.
  • jove
  • love
  • move
  • pare I need to pare down my possessions before I move to a smaller apartment.
  • pave The construction company will pave the road to make it smoother for drivers.
  • peeve
  • PERV
  • poe Some people believe that Edgar Allan Poe was a great writer.
  • poke Can you please poke me when it's time to leave?
  • pole The flag was firmly attached to the pole, flying high in the wind.
  • pone
  • pope
  • pore The pore on my skin was small and sandy.
  • pork I am going to cook a pork roast for dinner tonight.
  • porker Our colleague's porker of a son has been acting up again.
  • port The ship arrived at the port this morning.
  • porter The porter helped carry my bags to my room.
  • pose
  • prove I need to prove to my friends that I can do this task.
  • pure She has a pure heart and always tries to do the right thing.
  • purvey The supermarket chain aims to purvey fresh produce and quality meats.
  • pyre She lit the pyre, and they all turned to ashes.
  • rove The pirate would rove the high seas looking for treasure.
  • Wove The fabric in the room was wove with a simple pattern.

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