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How to spell PORWER correctly?

If you meant to spell "power", here are some correct suggestions: 1) power, 2) prowess, 3) potency, 4) capability, 5) influence. Double-check your spelling before submitting any written work to ensure that mistakes are avoided.

List of suggestions on how to spell porwer correctly

  • bower She sat in the bower of the garden, reading her favorite book.
  • cower
  • dower As part of her inheritance, the young princess was entitled to a significant dower.
  • lower I keep my lower back straight while doing yoga poses.
  • mower I need to mow the lawn, so I'm going to get the mower out of the garage.
  • parer Elle a utilise le couteau de cuisine pour parer les legumes avant de les faire cuire.
  • parker I saw Parker walking his dog in the park this morning.
  • parser Next week, I will be parsing my data using a parser.
  • poker I have never played poker before, but I am interested in learning how.
  • pokier My old laptop is much pokier than my new one.
  • poorer The poorer the country, the more it exports.
  • popper He used a popper to open the wine bottle.
  • pore
  • porker I'm getting a porker of a headache.
  • porter The porter at the hotel helped me with my luggage.
  • poser He's just a poser, pretending to be something he's not.
  • pother There was quite a pother over the cancellation of the event.
  • potter One of my favorite hobbies is to potter around in the garden.
  • pouter The birds were chirping and tweeting so loudly, you could hear them pouter in the nearby tree.
  • powder The smell of powder was prevalent in the room.
  • power The power of attorney allows the appointee to make decisions on the behalf of the principal.
  • powers The superhero used his powers to lift the heavy skyscraper and save the civilians.
  • Prier I am from a religious family and I often prier before going to bed.
  • purer This water is purer than the others.
  • Purger
  • purser The proprietor was accompanied by his acolyte, the purser.
  • rower The rower powered through the water with ease.
  • sower The sower went out to sow his seeds in the field early in the morning.
  • tower The tall tower overlooked the entire city.

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