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How to spell POSINS correctly?

If you meant to type "posins" but it was auto-corrected or misspelled, here are some possible correct suggestions. The word "poisons" refers to toxic substances. Another option might be "posit" which means to assume or put forward a suggestion. Additionally, "posies" describes small bouquets of flowers.

List of suggestions on how to spell posins correctly

  • cosines In trigonometry, the cosines of angles are often used to solve problems related to triangles.
  • cousins My cousins and I like to have family reunions every summer.
  • losings
  • pains I had to endure the pains of childbirth.
  • pins She used pins to secure the hem of her dress.
  • Poising She was poising the delicate crystal glass on the edge of the table, trying to decide where to place it.
  • Poisons Poisons can be deadly if ingested, injected, or breathed in.
  • Ponies Rainbow Dash nervously tack-tailed her way through the crowd of ponies.
  • posers They're posers, they're nothing.
  • poses The lion poses a threat to the safety of the villagers.
  • Posies There were posies at the funeral.
  • posing She was posing for a picture when he came up behind her.
  • posits
  • posses I do not posses the key to the locked safe.
  • postings The company's job postings on their website attracted a lot of qualified candidates.
  • posts I always enjoy reading the posts on my favorite social media platform.
  • potions I need to make a potions to get stronger.
  • PSIS I hope that my PSIS score is high enough to qualify for financial aid.
  • sins We ask for forgiveness for our sins.

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