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How to spell POSKE correctly?

The misspelling "poske" could be corrected to "poker", "post", "pose" or "poke". The correct suggestion would depend on the context of the sentence and the intended meaning. Proofreading and using a spell checker can prevent misspellings like this from occurring.

List of suggestions on how to spell poske correctly

  • passe
  • peke I always love going to the park with my peke.
  • pesky The pesky fly kept landing on my food.
  • pike He had a long pike concealed in the grass.
  • pock I have a small pock on my chin from a recent breakout.
  • pocks The chickenpox virus causes itchy red pocks on the skin.
  • poise She had superb poise in the face of adversity.
  • poke She asked me to poke holes in the lid of the container.
  • poker My cousin is a beginner at poker, but I'm an expert.
  • pokes Pokes his head out from behind the curtain.
  • pokey Can we please stop picking on Pokey?
  • poky The old room was poky and small, making it feel cramped and uncomfortable.
  • polk John's favorite trout dish is polk, a Pennsylvania German term for a type of trout.
  • pork
  • porker I'm going to hit the porker for lunch.
  • porky Roy has a funny name and he loves to eat porky.
  • pose She took a pose in the window, showing off her toned body.
  • posed
  • poser He was just a poser and did not really know anything about the topic.
  • poses
  • Posies He loved to bring home posies of daisies from the park.
  • Poss
  • posse I am in a posse with my brother.
  • posses
  • post I need to post this picture to social media.
  • poster I bought a poster of my favorite movie to hang on my bedroom wall.
  • postie I love getting mail, especially the postie.
  • posy She always brings a posy of flowers whenever she visits her grandmother.
  • puke I felt so sick that I thought I was going to puke.
  • spoke The mayor spoke on behalf of the city.

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