How to spell POSOLE correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "posole" include "pozole", "possole", and "pazole". However, the most commonly accepted spelling is "pozole", which is a traditional Mexican soup made with hominy, meat, and spices.

List of suggestions on how to spell posole correctly

  • parole After serving five years in prison, the convict was finally released on parole.
  • pestle I use a pestle to grind spices for my dishes.
  • pole I can't believe he pole-danced at our wedding.
  • poodle I have a poodle named Bella.
  • pool My family loves to spend hot summer days lounging by the pool.
  • POOLE Alice lives in Poole.
  • pools The gardens are filled with pools.
  • pose The model had to hold a difficult pose for hours while the artist painted her portrait.
  • posse The posse arrived shortly afterwards.
  • postie The postie delivered my parcel quickly.
  • pothole I hit a pothole and my car went into the ditch.
  • prole
  • resole I had to resole my shoes after wearing them for a year.
  • sole

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