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How to spell POSSESD correctly?

If you meant to type "possessed" but wrote "possesd" instead, here are some possible correct suggestions. The correct spelling is "possessed" which means to be under the control or influence of someone or something. Other correct suggestions include "possess", "posses" or "possesse". Remember to proofread to avoid any misspellings!

List of suggestions on how to spell possesd correctly

  • Passed I have finally passed my driving test.
  • passes She studied hard to make sure she passes her exam.
  • pisses
  • poised
  • poises She poises herself gracefully on the balance beam.
  • posed The photographer posed the model in various positions to get the perfect shot.
  • poses The CEO's decision poses a significant risk to the company's financial stability.
  • Posies She arranged a lovely bouquet of posies for her grandmother's birthday.
  • posses
  • possess I possess the ability to speak multiple languages fluently.
  • possessed The demon possessed the young girl, causing her to act strange and speak in tongues.
  • posted
  • pusses

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