Correct spelling for POTATES

We think the word potates is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for potates

  • Rotates
  • When this handle is lifted, the bar at the back of the lathe rotates in its journals.

  • Pates
  • The heads of the people of consideration in the congregation were mostly bald, as beseems respectable age, and as the smooth, shiny line of pates appeared above the wooden line of the pews they somehow sympathetically blended into one gleaming surface of worn wood and skull, until it seemed as if the doctor's theological battles were all fought upon the heads of his people.

  • Potato(Definition of potato)
  • The english detective had smashed the glass in the barred window of the potato cellar and we could hear him howling and cursing below.

  • Debitside
  • Potatoes(Definition of Potatoes)
  • I'll just dress the potatoes and whip 'em up light.

  • Petites
  • Detestings
  • Mutates
  • Pomades
  • Prates
  • Pilates
  • Co-Habited
  • Portages
  • None of us would have been able to stand much longer the strain of those rough portages day after day.

  • In-Stalling
  • Pirates
  • "but suppose the pirates come before she gets back," said mrs. cliff.

  • Palates
  • Forsyth said grace, and then they all "fell to", with appetites peculiar to that isolated and breezy spot, where the wind blows so fresh from the open sea that the nostrils inhale culinary odours, and the palates seize culinary products, with unusual relish.

  • Potters
  • Potts
  • Plates
  • The king changes his dishes and plates into good thalers to feed his brave army.

  • States
  • He was the greatest son-cousin-nephew in the united states, and always he was the son, cousin, or nephew of one of the great, of one of the great mentioned in "who's who."

  • Potties
  • Colorfulnesses
  • Pupates
  • Potted(Definition of potted)
  • Evergreen boughs, a few potted plants, and a dingy, greenish carpet were supposed to transform the stage into the glade in question; but the audience had little time to study the scenery, for the prompt entrance of the captain and a chosen companion called up a hearty burst of applause.

136 words made from the letters potates

5 letter words made from potates:

poeta, oates, taepo, potae, pasto, aetos, paste, petts, stoae, toast, paseo, poste, pesta, aesop, ostap, stept, potte, poets, spatt, setto, pates, taspo, stape, potes, opeta, stoep, stopt, etats, testa, stoat, sepat, stato, tateo, satto, toste, poeas, petta, taste, posta, tepas, toeas, aptos, setta, patto, saepo, apest, spate, speat, state.

3 letter words made from potates:

pat, eos, toe, pot, pea, ape, sat, tat, pst, poe, poa, pas, tea, eta, asp, sea, psa, ops, tet, apt, tot, top, sop, set, oas, stp, sap, tao, sep, ate, tap, spa, atp, est, epa, opt, eat, oat, sot, pes, pet.

4 letter words made from potates: