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How to spell POTINS correctly?

The misspelling "potins" may be corrected to "potions", "potties" or "poutines" depending on the intended meaning. "Potions" refer to magical or medicinal liquids, "potties" are small toilets, and "poutines" are a Canadian dish of fries topped with cheese curds and gravy.

List of suggestions on how to spell potins correctly

  • pains I took some painkillers to relieve the pains in my head.
  • patina The old copper penny had turned a beautiful patina.
  • patinas I love the patinas on my grandfather's old tin collection.
  • Patine The antique mirror had a beautiful patine on the frame, showing its age and history.
  • photons
  • pins
  • Pities She pities the stray dog she found wandering alone on the streets.
  • pitons The climbers used pitons to ascend the mountain.
  • points The game had 24 points and the other team had 18.
  • Ponies The children were thrilled to ride the ponies at the petting zoo.
  • Porting Porting a mobile app from iOS to Android can be a time-consuming and complicated process.
  • portions She shared her pizza with her friends and only had to divide it into proportionate portions.
  • postings There are postings on the bulletin board.
  • potions Hermione Granger brewed many potions during her time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  • pots She has a large kitchen with pots and pans all over the counter.
  • potties The daycare had several potties available for the toddlers to use.
  • Potting I am currently potting some plants for my garden.
  • Potts The potts plant grows in warm climates.
  • Pouting After I lost the game, she was pouting the whole ride home.
  • Proteins Proteins are essential nutrients for the growth and development of muscles, bones, skin, and other tissues.
  • Protons
  • Putin
  • TINS I need to buy some tins to store my baking supplies.

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