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How to spell POTOES correctly?

If you're struggling with the misspelling "potoes", fret not! The correct spelling is "potatoes". Such errors are common, but with a little attention, you can avoid them. Remember: double "t" and "o", and bid adieu to misspelt "potoes" forever!

List of suggestions on how to spell potoes correctly

  • COTES Often criticized for its lack of diversity, Cotes deprovence has recently been working to improve its standing.
  • MOTES The sunbeams shone through the windows, casting motes of dust in the air.
  • Mottoes Our mottoes are "Nemo me impune lacessit" meaning "No one can injure me without my consent
  • notes She took careful notes during the lecture.
  • pates You can't have my pates.
  • patois
  • Photos I like to take photos of my friends and family.
  • Pities Pities the fool who don't know any better.
  • pitons They rappelled down the mountain using pitons to secure their ropes.
  • pokes She pokes her best friend every time she gets the chance, as they have a playful relationship.
  • poles Poles can indicate the position of a body worldwide
  • pones
  • poofs My little sister likes to play with her collection of poofs.
  • poohs The bear poohs in the park.
  • pools The hotel had two outdoor pools and an indoor pool.
  • POOS My dog poos on the grass.
  • popes The papal conclave convened in Vatican City to elect a new popes after the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.
  • pores They tree's bark is covered in pores which allow water and other gases to move through it.
  • poses I was absolutely distraught when, after years of poses and propping up my ego, my photography career went belly-up.
  • Potatoes I fried some potatoes for breakfast.
  • pots I need to wash the pots from yesterday's dinner.
  • potter My friend is a potter and she creates beautiful ceramic vases.
  • potters The potters were creating beautiful ceramic bowls on their wheels.
  • potties The daycare had miniature potties for the toddlers.
  • Potts Police are investigating after a woman found a dead potts in her garden.
  • TOES
  • VOTES The candidate received the majority of the votes in the election.

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