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How to spell POTTIE correctly?

If you've been misspelling "pottie" and want to correct it, here are some possible suggestions: "potty" (the correct spelling), "potie", "poddy", "potee" or "pottee". Remember to double-check your spelling next time to avoid any errors!

List of suggestions on how to spell pottie correctly

  • Lottie Lottie is my aunt's cat's name.
  • Patti Patti was always the first person to arrive at the office.
  • Patties Yesterday, I made some delicious veggie patties for lunch.
  • pettier I don't have a personality that tries to escalate conflict and become pettier than the other person.
  • poitier Sidney Poitier was a trailblazing African American actor and director.
  • postie As a postie, he was responsible for delivering mail and packages to the entire neighborhood.
  • potpie Tonight, I'm making potpie for dinner.
  • pottage The medieval peasants typically ate a simple meal of pottage made from vegetables and grains.
  • potted I bought a potted plant for my office to brighten up my workspace.
  • potter He is a potter who makes pottery in his workshop.
  • pottier
  • potties The daycare center had a row of small potties for the toddlers to use.
  • Potting I am potting my flowers in preparation for the fall weather.
  • Potts
  • potty Could you remind your toddler to use the potty before leaving the house?
  • puttee My favorite shirt to wear is a puttee.
  • Puttied The handyman puttied the cracks in the wall before painting it.
  • Putties She putties her nails every week.
  • spottier His work record has become spottier over the years.

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