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How to spell POUCES correctly?

"Pouces" is a common misspelling of the French word "pouce" which means "inch" in English. To correct this mistake, one can simply replace "pouces" with "pouce". Making this adjustment will ensure accurate communication when referring to measurements in inches.

List of suggestions on how to spell pouces correctly

  • PACES To pass my exams, I need to practice good PACES.
  • pauses He pauses before answering the difficult question.
  • pieces Pieces of the puzzle fit together to form a picture.
  • pisces As a Pisces, she was known to be empathetic and artistic.
  • places
  • pluses One of the pluses of living in a big city is having access to a wide variety of cultural events.
  • poaches
  • pocks Recent evidence suggests that the pocks on Harry's neck are from the cursed potter's stone.
  • poises Even though she is only a high school student, she poises herself as a powerful leader in her field.
  • pokes She pokes her brother whenever he starts snoring.
  • poles Poles are used to indicate the direction of the wind.
  • polices The company polices are strictly enforced to ensure a safe and productive workplace.
  • ponce
  • pones
  • popes The popes have been influential figures in the Catholic Church for centuries.
  • porches Her neighbors always sat on their porches and waved at her as she walked by.
  • pores The air pollution can cause clogged pores and acne on your face.
  • poses I need to get back to my poses.
  • Posies I picked up a posies on my way home.
  • posses
  • pouches My aunt has several large, square pouches which she hangs from her belt.
  • pounce
  • pounces
  • pours
  • pouters At the bird show, the judge was impressed with the colorful pouters.
  • pouts When she doesn't get her way, she pouts and stamps her foot.
  • poxes Smallpox and chickenpox are both contagious viral poxes that can cause severe illness.
  • Prices The prices of the food were surprisingly reasonable.
  • pubes I have a lot of pubes.
  • puce She wore a puce dress to the wedding.
  • pucks The hockey players slid their pucks across the ice during practice.
  • pules I'm not a fan of pules.
  • sources Sources of vitamins are fruits and vegetables.
  • Spouses My grandparents have been loving spouses for over 60 years.

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