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How to spell POULTED correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "poulted" could be "pouted" or "polted". "Pouted" means to show displeasure or sulk, and "polted" is a rare verb meaning to travel overland by pulling a canoe or boat on a carriage.

List of suggestions on how to spell poulted correctly

  • bolted The deer bolted across the field when it heard the sound of a gunshot.
  • jolted The loud noise jolted me out of my sleep.
  • Molted The bird had molted its old feathers and now had shiny new ones.
  • Moulted The snake moulted its skin after growing too big for the old one.
  • Pelted After dodging the pelted rocks, Hilary sprinted to safety.
  • Poled My grandmother used to tell me that if I ever had a Poled I should never, ever use it.
  • Polled The Gallup poll shows that the incumbent candidate has polled ahead of his challenger in the upcoming election.
  • polluted The river was polluted with chemicals and waste, making it unsafe for fish and other aquatic animals to survive.
  • Pooled The team's resources were pooled to maximize productivity on the project.
  • populated The city is heavily populated, which makes finding a parking spot incredibly difficult.
  • Ported I ported my old Xbox over to my new Xbox.
  • posted I posted a new photo on my Instagram account yesterday.
  • potted I just bought a potted plant for my desk to add some greenery to my workspace.
  • Poulticed I was given a poulticed chest for my bronchitis.
  • Pouted After not getting her way, she pouted and refused to speak to anyone.
  • Puled The dog was playing with its puled.
  • pulled I pulled the rope and the curtain opened.
  • Pulped The paper was pulped to make paper again.
  • pulsed The music pulsed through the room, making everyone start to dance.
  • punted I was so mad at her, I punted her in the shin with my shoe.
  • putted I putted all of my clothes into the suitcase.

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