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How to spell POURSE correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "pourse", worry not! The correct spelling is "pour". Sometimes, errors happen due to typos or autocorrect. So, next time you encounter this misspelling, remember the correct suggestion is simply "pour", which means to transfer a liquid or substance from one container to another.

List of suggestions on how to spell pourse correctly

  • course I am currently taking a microbiology course.
  • Ours This is our house - it's Ours.
  • parse I can't parse what you're saying.
  • pause I'll pause for a moment so I can confer with my colleagues.
  • poise She had perfect poise while sitting in the sushi restaurant.
  • pore The pore was blocked with dirt.
  • pose The model struck a dramatic pose for the photographer.
  • posse The sheriff arrived with his posse to apprehend the fugitive.
  • pour She likes to pour a cup of coffee every morning.
  • pours The bartender pours a pint of beer into a glass for the customer.
  • pouts When she's unhappy, she pouts and refuses to speak to anyone.
  • pulse The doctor will check your pulse to determine your heart rate.
  • pure Our product is 99% pure.
  • purse I often carry my purse in my handbag.
  • Pursed
  • purser The purser on the cruise ship was responsible for managing the finances and ensuring passenger satisfaction.
  • purses
  • pursue I will pursue my dreams no matter what anyone says.
  • spouse My spouse and I are spending the weekend at the beach.

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