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How to spell POURSEING correctly?

If you meant to type "pourseing" but it's a misspelling, here are some possible correct suggestions. The word you may be looking for could be "pouring", which means to transfer a liquid steadily from a container. Alternatively, "pursuing" means actively seeking or trying to achieve something. Double-check your intended meaning and choose the correct word accordingly.

List of suggestions on how to spell pourseing correctly

  • coursing The excitement was coursing through her veins as she anticipated the start of the race.
  • pouring The rain was pouring down, soaking everyone in its path.
  • puréeing
  • pureeing After boiling the vegetables, I will be pureeing them to make a smooth soup.
  • pursing She sat at her desk, pursing her lips as she tried to solve the complex equation.
  • pursuing He is pursuing his dream of becoming a professional musician.

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