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How to spell POUSE correctly?

If you're trying to spell "spouse", you'll want to make sure you get it right! Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "pouse" include "spouse", "house", "mouse", and "douse". Make sure to double-check your spelling before sending any important messages or documents!

List of suggestions on how to spell pouse correctly

  • douse I had to douse the fire with water to extinguish it.
  • house
  • louse The camping trip was ruined when one of the children came back with a louse infestation.
  • mouse
  • parse I need to parse this code to identify the syntax error.
  • passe The trend of wearing bell-bottom trousers is now passe.
  • pause I need to take a pause and think about what I really want.
  • pious The pious man attended church every Sunday and devoted himself to prayer.
  • Pius
  • poesy She delved into the world of poesy to find solace in times of distress.
  • poise Despite the chaos around her, she maintained her poise and composure.
  • POOS
  • pose She always manages to strike a perfect pose in every photo.
  • poser No one is more of a poser than the person who wears the biggest designer label and tells you they can't afford it
  • Poss
  • posse We were a posse of twenty riders.
  • posy I picked a posy of wildflowers for my grandmother's birthday.
  • pours
  • puce
  • purse She took out a pen and notebook from her purse.
  • pus The wound was oozing with pus, indicating a possible infection.
  • pusey
  • puss
  • rouse The sound of the alarm clock failed to rouse her from her deep sleep.
  • souse I like to souse my shrimp in hot sauce before grilling them.
  • spouse

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