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How to spell POWDED correctly?

If you are struggling with the misspelling "powded", there are a few possible correct suggestions to consider. It could be that you meant "powdered", referring to something being transformed into powder form. Alternatively, you might have intended to write "powder", a fine substance used for various purposes. Remember to review your spelling to avoid any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell powded correctly

  • Boded
  • Codded The cake was codded, which made it tastier.
  • CODED Coded messages are used to keep secrets.
  • corded The old phone was corded and didn't have any modern features.
  • Forded I've been disappointed with Forded's performance thus far.
  • goaded Despite her parents' objections, Mary goaded her younger sister into sneaking out to the party with her.
  • Hooded A hooded figure emerged from the shadows.
  • horded During the pandemic, many people horded toilet paper and other essential items.
  • loaded
  • Lorded He lorded over his employees and never gave them credit for their hard work.
  • Nodded
  • padded The walls of the padded room were soft to the touch, and the patient felt safe as he laid down on the floor.
  • Pawed
  • Pawned I pawned my jewelry to pay my rent.
  • Pended The application has been pended while we wait for additional information from the applicant.
  • Plodded The hiker plodded up the steep mountain trail, taking one slow and steady step at a time.
  • pocked The moon's face was pocked with craters.
  • Podded The pea plants were already podded when we arrived at the farm.
  • poised She was poised to take the plunge.
  • Poked Nina poked Gilbert in the ribs.
  • Poled The contestant poled the highest score in the final round of the competition.
  • Polled I polled the other candidates to see if they would be willing to debate.
  • pomaded He had perfectly slicked back hair that looked as if it had been pomaded.
  • ponder I like to ponder life's mysteries in my free time.
  • Pooled I pooled my money with my friends to rent a boat.
  • Pooped After the long run, I was completely pooped and needed to sit down.
  • Popped I accidentally popped a balloon with a needle.
  • Pored I can smell the pored over paint smell.
  • Ported The ports have been ported to the new operating system.
  • posed As she posed for the photographer, she couldn't help but feel like a model.
  • posted I posted a photo of my new puppy on social media.
  • potted The plant was potted in a plastic pot.
  • Pounded I was pounded yesterday by my ex-boyfriend.
  • Poured I just poured myself a cup of coffee.
  • Pouted She pouted when he wouldn't buy her a puppy.
  • powder The kitchen was filled with a mist of flour powder after baking the cake.
  • powdered I prefer to use powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar when making frosting.
  • Powders I need to buy more powders for my baking recipes.
  • powdery After the snowfall, the once green lawn was now covered in powdery white.
  • Prided She prided herself on her punctuality.
  • Prodded I was prodded several times to get up.
  • sodded I can't go anywhere with this sodded up truck.
  • Voided The warranty of the product was voided after the customer modified it.
  • wooded The house was surrounded by a wooded area, making it feel secluded and peaceful.
  • Worded She carefully worded her speech to avoid offending anyone in the audience.

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