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How to spell POWEER correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "poweer" instead of "power", fret not! Auto-correct can easily fix this. Alternate acceptable suggestions might include "power", "powerful", "powerless" or "powder". So, next time you're typing, ensure to double-check your spelling to avoid such mishaps and save time on editing.

List of suggestions on how to spell poweer correctly

  • bower In the middle of the garden, there stood a beautiful bower covered in vines and flowers.
  • cower
  • dower The woman's dower was a large sum of money.
  • lower My rent is going to be lower next month.
  • mower I need to mow the lawn with the lawn mower.
  • peer I admire my peer's ability to speak in public with great confidence.
  • pewee I heard the pewee bird singing from the tree outside my window.
  • pewter She wore a trim pewter dress.
  • pioneer She was the first woman to achieve pioneer status in her field.
  • poker I enjoy playing poker with my friends on Friday nights.
  • pokier The old computer was much pokier than the brand new one.
  • poorer They are poorer for the loss.
  • popper I always take a popper before I go to bed.
  • porker I am really looking forward to the porker roast tonight.
  • porter The porter carried the heavy luggage up to the guest's room.
  • poser He may look like a skater, but he's just a poser.
  • poseur He's such a poseur; he's always trying to act like he's an expert, even though he has no idea what he's talking about.
  • pother I don't want to cause a pother, but I need to ask you a question.
  • potter My friend is a talented potter who creates beautiful, handmade ceramics.
  • pouter She chattered incessantly, like a garden bird called a pouter.
  • powder I need to buy some baking powder for the cake.
  • powell Powell is a famous surname that is shared by many noteworthy individuals.
  • power The power of the wind was strong enough to knock down trees.
  • powers Superman's powers included flying, super strength, and x-ray vision.
  • rower The rower glided effortlessly across the calm waters of the lake.
  • sower The sower went out to sow seed in the field.
  • tower The tower stands three stories high.

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