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How to spell POWES correctly?

If you've misspelled "powes", worry not! The correct word you might be looking for could be "powers" or "poles". Both options align with different contexts, so ensure you choose the one that suits your intended meaning. Also, double-check spellings for accuracy and clarity.

List of suggestions on how to spell powes correctly

  • awes
  • bowers The bowers were built in the 1800's for the wealthy families.
  • cowers The dog cowers whenever he hears loud noises.
  • EWES The farmer counted his ewes in the barn before going to bed.
  • lowers Taking deep breaths and meditating regularly lowers stress levels.
  • mowers The lawn mowers were used to trim the grass in the park.
  • OWES John owes me money for the dinner we had last night.
  • paws My dog's paws are so cold.
  • PEES
  • pews The pews are spacious and comfortable.
  • PIES I love warm apple pies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
  • PODS I ordered three PODS for my upcoming move.
  • POEMS From time to time I need to remind myself that I'm still alive, despite the poems.
  • poesy Her poesy reflected the joys and sorrows of her life.
  • poets Recent poets include Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou.
  • poises She poises herself gracefully before jumping into the pool.
  • pokers He straightened his pokers in the fire.
  • pokes He pokes me every time he wants my attention.
  • poles Poles can be used for various purposes, such as holding a flag in a windy condition.
  • POLS As a political science student, I have taken several courses in POLS.
  • POMS The cheerleading team practiced their routine with their POMS.
  • pones
  • Ponies My niece loves to ride ponies at the local fair.
  • POOS
  • popes The election of new popes is always preceded by a period of mourning and reflection on the life and legacy of the previous pontiff.
  • POPS I love the way popcorn pops in the microwave.
  • pores Some pores are small and some are large.
  • pose
  • posers Come on, we're all posers when it comes to fashion.
  • poses The new company policy poses some challenges for employees.
  • Posies She held a bouquet of posies in her hand as she walked down the aisle.
  • Poss
  • posses
  • pots I need to wash the pots before I can cook dinner.
  • pours
  • Powders I put my powders in the suitcase.
  • powell Powell is the last name of the former U.S Secretary of State, Colin Powell.
  • power
  • powers
  • poxes The poxes are a highly contagious disease.
  • PRES
  • prowess The basketball player's scoring prowess led his team to victory.
  • prows The prows of the two ships collided as they attempted to dock at the same pier.
  • rowers The rowers are training hard for the upcoming race.
  • sowers The sowers sow the wind.
  • Towers The twin towers of the World Trade Center used to be the symbol of New York City's skyline.
  • vows The couple exchanged vows during their wedding ceremony.
  • WOES Jane has woes with her husband.
  • WOWS I had a WOWS moment when I found out I was pregnant.

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