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How to spell POXIED correctly?

The correct spelling for "poxied" could be "poxy" or "epoxied". "Poxy" refers to something that is contaminated or infected with smallpox or chickenpox. "Epoxied" refers to something that has been coated with epoxy resin for protection or adhesion.

List of suggestions on how to spell poxied correctly

  • boxed
  • Foxed He was foxed by the wine.
  • pixie I've seen a pixie at the bottom of my garden.
  • Pixies Pixies are known for their mischievous behavior in folklore.
  • pocked My face was pocked with acne during my teenage years.
  • poised Even though she was nervous, the young singer appeared poised on the stage during her performance.
  • Poked As I walked by, my little brother poked me in the ribs.
  • Policed The city guard is policed by the city magistrate.
  • posed He posed for a portrait with his sister.
  • poxes The instruction manual for the vaccine warned of the potential for developing poxes.
  • taxied

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