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How to spell PP correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "pp", fear not! Possible correct suggestions include: "app" for applications, "opp" for opportunities, "hip" for fashionable, "pop" for popular, and "pup" for adorable dogs. Remember to proofread to avoid future mishaps, but a quick edit can save the day!

List of suggestions on how to spell pp correctly

  • AP I need a 4 on my AP exam to get college credit.
  • APP
  • BP BP, also known as British Petroleum, is a multinational oil and gas company headquartered in London.
  • dp
  • gp I need to schedule an appointment with my GP for next week.
  • JP
  • KP KP stands for "kitchen patrol," a menial task assigned to soldiers for punishment or extra duty.
  • lp I just picked up the limited edition LP of my favorite band's latest album.
  • mp The sheriff MP's patrol car.
  • np
  • OP I found the op Society laptop on the floor.
  • OPP I have an OPP ticket.
  • P
  • pap The pap from the boiled and mashed corn tasted delicious with butter and salt.
  • pb
  • pc I prefer to use a PC rather than a Mac.
  • pcp PCP is a drug that is known for its hallucinogenic effects.
  • pd
  • pep I need some pep for my next speech.
  • PG I preferPG over PG.
  • pi In mathematics, pi is a irrational number that approximates 3.14.
  • pip She put a pip in her coffee.
  • PL
  • pop I'm addicted to pop.
  • PP I have a PP slip for my parking.
  • PPM Please place your personal materials in the designated PPM slot.
  • PPR Thanks for the offer, but I'm not interested in PPR.
  • PPS PPS stands for "postscript".
  • pr
  • ps Ps, don't forget to double check your work before submitting it.
  • pt The abbreviation "pt" can refer to either "patient" or "pint".
  • pu
  • pup I got a new pup for my birthday.
  • PW
  • PX The box is packed with PX supplies.
  • WP

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