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How to spell PPUTS correctly?

The misspelling "pputs" is likely intended to be "puts". To correct the error, one could simply replace the extra "p" with a "u" to create the correct spelling. Another option would be to use spellcheck or proofread carefully to catch and fix errors before they are published.

List of suggestions on how to spell pputs correctly

  • OPTS He opts to go for a run every morning before work.
  • parts
  • Pats John and I went to the Pats game last night.
  • Pets
  • pipits The birds were tweeting their pipits.
  • pits The pits are really deep.
  • Pius Pope Pius IX reigned from 1846 to 1878.
  • poets The poets talk about the things that they know.
  • PORTS There are several ports along the coast where ships can dock and unload their cargo.
  • pots I have a lot of pots.
  • Potts I can see the Potts sisters from my window.
  • pout
  • pouts
  • PPS I included a PPS at the end of my email to remind the recipient of an important deadline.
  • PUDS
  • PUPS The litter of pups were all playing together in the backyard.
  • pus The wound was filled with pus, indicating an infection.
  • puss I accidentally stepped on my cat's tail and she got angry and showed me her puss.
  • put Please put your backpack in the closet.
  • puts She puts on her favorite sweater everytime she feels cold.
  • putt I watched as he attempted to putt the ball into the hole.
  • putts
  • putz She had to putz around the house all day.
  • spouts The spouts on the lava fountain were pointing in all different directions.
  • spurts The baby was drinking milk in spurts, taking breaks every few seconds to catch his breath.

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