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How to spell PPUTTING correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "pputting", fret not! Here are a few correct alternatives you can use instead: "putting" - the correct spelling of the word meaning to place something in a specific position; or "padding" - referring to adding extra material to cushion or protect.

List of suggestions on how to spell pputting correctly

  • Butting The goat kept butting its head against the fence, trying to escape.
  • cutting I accidentally cut myself while I was cutting vegetables for dinner.
  • Gutting After the storm, the gutting of the damaged buildings began.
  • jutting The sharp rocks were jutting out of the ground, making it difficult to walk through the path.
  • Nutting The squirrel Nutting in the tree.
  • Patting My cat loves when I am patting her.
  • petting She loves petting her cat after a long day at work.
  • pitting The constant pitting of the waves against the shoreline had eroded away most of the sand.
  • Platting This platting is a new way to serve your rice.
  • Plotting She spent the afternoon plotting her revenge against the person who had wronged her.
  • Potting She enjoyed potting plants in her free time.
  • Pouting I can tell that she is pouting because her lip is sticking out.
  • punting The college football team had a difficult time punting the ball during the game.
  • putting
  • Puttying I am puttying the windows so that they become more energy efficient.
  • Rutting The badger was Rutting, marking its territory.
  • Spatting
  • spitting He was spitting insults at her, his rage boiling over.
  • spotting While out on the nature walk, we enjoyed spotting several different types of birds.
  • spurting The deer leapt out of the way as the Pontiac came careening down the Hill, narrowly avoiding a shower of spurting

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