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How to spell PRAING correctly?

If you meant to type "praing" and ended up with a misspelling, there are a few possible correct suggestions for what you might have intended. "Praising" could be a suitable alternative, as it refers to expressing admiration or approval for someone or something. Other options could include "praying" or "paring", depending on the context.

List of suggestions on how to spell praing correctly

  • pacing The pacing of the movie was slow in the beginning, but picked up towards the end.
  • paging After paging through the documents, I finally found the missing report.
  • pain
  • paine " Paine's writing is so passionate it's hard not to get drawn in.
  • paling She stood behind the paling fence, peering out at the people passing by.
  • Parading She was parading around in her new outfit.
  • paring Maria is quite skilled at paring apples for the pies she bakes.
  • parking I need to find a parking spot before the movie starts.
  • parring
  • Parsing Given a string, the Parsing module parses it and returned a list of tuples.
  • parting She hugged her friend tightly, knowing that this would be their final parting.
  • paving
  • Pawing The cat was pawing at the toy.
  • paying
  • ping I heard a ping from my computer notifying me of a new message.
  • Pirating Pirating is a violation of the law.
  • Poring The poring rainstorm outside was frustrating.
  • praia
  • praising She was praising the accomplishments of her daughter.
  • praline I love the rich, buttery flavor of praline candies.
  • prang The car was badly damaged after a prang with a truck on the motorway.
  • prank My brother loves to prank me by hiding my phone.
  • Prating She couldn't concentrate on her work with her coworkers prating loudly in the next cubicle over.
  • prawn I had a delicious prawn curry for dinner tonight.
  • Praying She was praying for her loved ones' safety during the storm.
  • Preying The lion was preying on the antelope in the grasslands.
  • pricing The pricing of the products seemed reasonable compared to their competitors.
  • Priding She's priding herself on her newly acquired skills.
  • prig After the party, the guests were given their gifts and were asked to sign the " Prig Agreement.
  • priming All of the customers in the grocery store had the same priming.
  • print I need to print out a copy of the document for the meeting.
  • Prizing She was prizing open the lid of the treasure box with a crowbar.
  • probing The doctor was probing the wound to see the extent of the damage.
  • prong I need to find a replacement prong for my broken fork.
  • Proving Proving his innocence was a difficult task because of the lack of evidence.
  • pruning I spent my morning in the garden pruning the bushes.
  • prying I don't appreciate your prying questions about my personal life.
  • Purring The sound of her cat purring on her lap was soothing to her.
  • rain The sky was dark and absolutely filled with rain.
  • rainy The rainy weather made the roads slippery and dangerous to drive on.
  • raping
  • raring Game on! I'm as raring as a lamb for this challenge.
  • ring She slipped the diamond ring onto her finger and admired it in the light.
  • Ruing He was ruing the day he decided to invest in that failing business.
  • sprain
  • spring
  • wring

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