Correct spelling for PRAISNG

We think the word praisng is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for praisng

  • Praising
  • With one voice they fell to praising athens and hellas, wisely or foolishly, according to their wit.

  • Prison(Definition of prison)
  • He has friends who will not sleep till he is out of prison."

  • Prank(Definition of prank)
  • I marvel, master baily, so bleared be your eyes; an egg is not so full of meat, as she is full of lies: when she hath played this prank, to excuse all this gear, she layeth the fault in such a one as i know was not there.

  • Presaging
  • Quiet entertaining, preceded by gracious little notes presaging a cordial welcome, is one of her fancies, and one is quite sure that at her home the entertainment will be deprived of customary stiffness and will resolve into a merry table of congenial friends.

  • Perusing
  • While she considered her answer, and he wondered how he could best express what must be said, there was an interruption; for it happened a few moments earlier that the owner of the larches flung down the balance-sheet he was perusing in a room which did not look out upon the lawn.

  • Pressing(Definition of pressing)
  • Does he have to take the tailor's word for it that his trousers need pressing?

  • Pressings
  • Later pressings of changesonebowie featured the original version of the single that had been recorded and released in 1972.

  • Pricing(Definition of pricing)
  • In arbitrage-free pricing, multiple discount rates are used.

  • Prisons
  • Taking into consideration the manners and customs, hopes and fears, of the moorish people, their prisons probably suit them right well, and they need no pity.

  • Prong(Definition of prong)
  • The next difficulty that presented itself was, how they were to get him along; when they broke in the onagra, they ran a prong through his ear; in reducing the buffalo to subjection, they did not feel the slightest compunction in thrusting a pin through the cartilage of his nose; then, in order to give elasticity to the legs of the ostrich, they yoked him to two or three other animals, and, willing or unwilling, he was compelled ultimately to yield obedience to the lords of creation.

  • Prolong(Definition of prolong)
  • Her sleep that night had been so deep and splendid, she struggled to prolong it.

  • Prizing(Definition of Prizing)
  • Nay, dear wife, i feel for thee, as ne'er i felt before, prizing thee with deeper strength for pining sad and sore.

  • Prang(Definition of prang)
  • What more can we say but that we are proud ourselves of this achievement within our city limits; it cannot fail to increase the fame our beloved boston as a town of masters in thought and art. honor to the firm of l. prang & co.

  • Prisoner(Definition of prisoner)
  • Prisoner might have returned after you left?

197 words made from the letters praisng

5 letter words made from praisng:

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3 letter words made from praisng:

ira, gar, air, iga, rag, sip, spa, rna, irs, gsr, apr, psi, pia, sin, nig, ain, pan, nip, arp, pig, nap, psa, asp, nag, rap, rig, gnp, sap, pas, ras, ans, par, sir, sag, pin, rip, gas, ani, gap, gin.