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How to spell PRAKS correctly?

The correct spelling for "praks" could be "practice". This word accurately represents the action of rehearsing or performing an activity repeatedly to improve skills. Another possibility might be "praxis", meaning the process of applying theories or knowledge into practical use. These suggestions aim to rectify the misspelling and ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell praks correctly

  • brakes I slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting the deer in the road.
  • breaks He always breaks the ice in a conversation with a joke.
  • cracks The vase had several cracks in it from being dropped.
  • creaks The old wooden door creaks loudly when opened.
  • croaks The frog croaks loudly in the pond every night.
  • drakes The drakes swam gracefully in the pond, their colorful feathers shining in the sunlight.
  • freaks I'm not going to that carnival - there is no way I'm going to put up with the freaks there.
  • packs I need to buy three packs of pencils for school.
  • parks I love taking walks in the city parks.
  • peaks The peaks in the landscape were a beautiful sight.
  • pecks I have a love-hate relationship with my pecks.
  • peeks
  • PERKS I get perks for my job like free food and parking.
  • picks She carefully picks out her outfit each morning.
  • pocks After being infected with chickenpox, she was left with small pocks all over her skin.
  • praise I received high praise from my boss for the quality of my work.
  • PRAMS My computer is running on a PRAMS machine.
  • pranks I always keep a few pranks up my sleeve to make my friends laugh.
  • prates I can't believe you would include prates in your list of favorite foods!
  • Prawns I ordered a plate of delicious grilled prawns for dinner.
  • prays
  • PRES The PRES of the company announced her retirement during the annual meeting.
  • press
  • preys The lion preys on gazelles and other small animals in the savannah.
  • pricks The cactus plant had many sharp pricks on its stem.
  • pries
  • PRIUS I own a Prius, which is a hybrid car that uses both electricity and gasoline for fuel.
  • pros Please try to be more pros.
  • prows The sleek prows of the racing boats cut through the water effortlessly.
  • pucks I have a few pucks that I can give you.
  • racks The metal racks were heavy and awkward to move.
  • rags She was dressed in rags, her clothing torn and tattered from years of hard work in the fields.
  • rakes The gardener uses rakes to remove the leaves from the lawn.
  • Tracks
  • wracks The ship was left in wracks after the fierce storm.
  • wreaks The hurricane wreaks havoc on the coastline.

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